Just in Time: Making Time Management a Priority

– By Kristina Lee

For many of us, the race against time is an old and familiar concept.  For those of us who work during “vacation,” it’s a recurring feeling that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do all the things you want to do, achieve all the things you planned, and do it all efficiently.

For many of our clients as well as our team at Magnolia, managing time effectively hits us especially when we are experiencing rapid growth, or simply ensuring that business is profitable.

According to this infographic created by Mavenlink, one in four small business owners have said that they would pay $500 in turn for an extra hour each day. In this eVoice survey, small business owners have expressed that while the gadgets and technology were invented to help manage our time better, they have also contributed to an increasing gap between multitasking technology and time wasted.

No matter what gadget or technological aid we rely on, it’s a good idea to stay focused on ensuring that we don’t just stockpile on top of our tasks by getting too caught up with “planning to plan.” A sure fire way to lose track of time is spending hours searching your App Store for the perfect tools, then realizing that only a handful of them are useful.  What I find useful is just crossing off a few of my top priorities and limiting myself to searching for one new app/technology a week that will help address the tasks that I need to manage. This way, I’m not using up too much time and can go back, re-evaluate and even give myself more time to see if an upcoming developer releases a ‘hot,’ ‘new,’ app fit for me.

Have a look at the infographic below and let us know what common time management challenges you encounter, and what technology or apps you rely on as a remedy.

Mine is a simple one—alarms in my iPhone for each task of the day. There’s nothing like the sound of a nuclear reactor meltdown to put that extra bounce in your step 15 minutes before your next appointment!

A Matter of Time

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One thought on “Just in Time: Making Time Management a Priority

  1. Farouk says:

    Nice post Kristina. I used to work in the Small Business space (as a banker) and these guys never seem to have enough time in the day. Most of them are their own accountant, sales staff, and President. Maybe I should offer myself up as help for $500.

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