If I was Prince Harry’s publicist, what would I advise?

– By Phoebe Yong

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, the young Prince Harry is caught (again) in uncensored photos – okay, let’s be blunt. Naked photos of his royal backside taken from a Las Vegas bash were splashed on national TV. Here is the link, I know you’re as curious as hell. And I did tell you in my first blog that TMZ.com is one of my favourite “news” links.

So in the world of PR, spin, damage control, crisis management, what would I, Miss PR guru (humble, aren’t I) do? Well, here are some of my thoughts:

  1. You really hope for a major celebrity news deflection, (e.g., Brad and Angelina tie the knot and offer photos of their 6 children giving the bride away and standing up for Brad).
  2. You will be tied to official Buckingham Palace handlers, as they will control the message every second of the way. The official statement as of this morning was: “Palace officials confirmed the photos are of the prince. Prince Harry has been on a private holiday before he resumes his military duties.”
  3. You need to make an official statement. Perhaps in the next 48 hours. In that statement, the prince would admit to wrong judgment and apologize for the embarrassment to the royal family, and note it was his private holiday.
  4. Keep a low profile.  When do you make your next public appearance, make it a good charity event — related to military, AIDS, or an Olympics thank you reception.

The truth is that celebrity blunders often occur.  And when corporate mishaps happen, the key is to be swift with a sincere, authentic response and move on. Move on to do great work to silence the public on the “rear-enders”.

At the end, I believe that the public is often forgiving and has a short memory span, especially when they are bombarded by ongoing news, especially via social media.

So, Prince Harry, take a step back. Don’t be so naïve with your cohorts in the partying hours, and please, practice your billiards so you won’t be caught with your pants down next time.

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3 thoughts on “If I was Prince Harry’s publicist, what would I advise?

  1. Jamil A. Karim says:

    Anyone else find it a little alarming that NUMEROUS men were taking photos of another naked man?

  2. Farouk says:

    That’s pretty good advice. Seems like the biggest mistake publicists can make is making too big a deal out of something. Keeping it low-key and out of the public eye is the best way to get people to move on.

    But seriously – the guy goes to Vegas and the first thing he does is get naked in front of other men? I’m not expert, but I don’t think he’s doing Vegas right…

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