Authentic Connections and Creative Juices

– By Kristina Lee

As summer comes to an end, we look forward to getting back into September.  For many of us, September is just another “January,” where we prepare for going back to school and continuing our  routine. For those of us who are a bit grayer, we also look forward to what’s in store for us at the office come fall.  At Magnolia, we’ll be buckling up for a very busy season which includes keeping up with the industry’s latest announcements as many of our clients head into a new fiscal year, mid-year review, and end-of-year evaluations.

With media attention focused on the upcoming US Presidential election, and the uncertain recovery of the world’s economy, how do we, as creative professionals, keep our stories, pitches and messaging fresh and exciting?  Messaging needs to be current and up to date because no one is interested in “yesterday’s news.” We need to make sure it can engage and excite at the same time.

An important part of fueling our creative minds is authenticity. Juliet Barbara, staff writer at Forbes, writes about “Authentic Connections and Growing Your Creative Confidence.” She looks at the positive relationship between forging authentic connections and one’s creative confidence.  In identifying the people, places and things we connect with, there is a way to maintain authenticity, which will ultimately increase self-esteem, and banish insecurities.

Making a connection that is both genuine and helps our creative juices flow can be attributed to doing several things to put that extra bounce in your step. Barber mentions giving back through lending a hand and being grateful, while checking the ego at the door. This resonates, as we often forget to do that in today’s career race.

This fall, we should think about making these connections around us more meaningful. Reclaiming our authentic voices, and engaging those around us, can add that extra unique luster to our message, our brand and our identity.

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