Top 5 Handy Tools for Small to Medium Size Businesses – Our Stamp of Approval for Small Business Week BC

– By Kristina Lee

It is Small Business Month in BC and this week kicks off with a ton of activities happening in the business community in downtown Vancouver. This is a perfect week for businesses and entrepreneurs alike to take advantage of community involvement and networking with local businesses to find some inspiration and share some war-stories.

To celebrate small businesses in BC, we thought it would be fitting to share some handy tools that we find very helpful and more importantly, time savers, for SMB’s:

  1. Google Drive: Replacing the old “Google Docs,” system, Google Drive is the central artery of where all documents and PDFs can be stored, shared and easily imported/exported on the go.  Like all of Google’s products, it comes with a Mobile App that is easy to download and user friendly.
  2. Elance: A great source for entrepreneurs to hire, manage and pay remote contractors. An intuitive to use job board that lets you select your budget, contractor rate and project duration within minutes. A quick job post on this board and the applications flood in within minutes. It puts you in a nice position to know that you can outsource the work you need on-demand, while you concentrate on the bigger picture.
  3. MeetingBurner: Looking for an alternative to GoToMeeting? MeetingBurner is another webinar and online meeting platform that has an easy to use interface, and dummy-proof.  The best part about hosting a meeting for up to 15 people right off the bat is that it’s free.
  4. Box: A free account gives you 5GB of free space to organize all your files into folders and send large files quickly. If you’re in need to share and store large video files and design files, Box is an easy to use, and convenient online file sharing system that allows you send/share big files fast.
  5. RescueTime:Taking itineraries and your workable hours to a new level is RescueTime. This online time counter will help you identify and track exactly how much time out of your day you spend on each of your tasks. It clocks everything you do in a single workday and helps you spot inefficiencies as well letting you visualize exactly how much time you spend across your projects.

Share your tools with us by commenting below. Do you have any tools you’d like to share with us that are handy for managing your busy work day? Any tools that you found were time and life savers?

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