How Can Pinterest Marketing Benefit Your B2B business?

– By Sarah Quon

Infographic from Fast Company (

Pinterest is the latest and probably the hottest social media platform right now. This highly addictive social scrapbooking site is an outlet for users to showcase their creativity via images found on the web. With 1.5 billion monthly page views worldwide, how does this particular form of social media translate to marketing for your business?

Fast Company recently came up with an infographic on the power of Pinterest. What’s interesting is that their statistics show that an astounding 79% of Pinterest users are female while only 21% are male, even though traditionally men are early adopters of new technology. The infographic also shows that Pinners love shopping. 80% of the top 15 Pinterest categories are connected to commerce and users prefer the pins with a price.

We see the obvious benefit for companies in the B2C space to be active on Pinterest since it translates to eventual product sales. Fast Company’s article foresees Pinterest as the future of ecommerce – if you pin it, they will buy it. I see the relation here as a woman who loves to shop!

So how does Pinterest marketing translate to B2B companies? Knowing that B2B companies generally don’t have products that are as visually enticing, how can they use Pinterest effectively? Hubspot Blog  gives us a Cheatsheet on the 10 Commandments of Pinterest Marketing.  It features the basics that I think any business should use to get started.

  1. The use of compelling visuals from Facebook pages, videos from YouTube and company blog
  2. Showing company culture with photos of the team at work and at play.  I think this is great for HR purposes.  Check out Marketo’s pinboard!
  3. Images featuring customers or product installations to include in your pinboard.  Here’s a good one from GE that shows installations for their lighting products.
  4. Don’t underestimate the value of those charts, infographics, new industry stats combined with quick tips that your customers might benefit from.  Thought leadership is what we are aiming for.
  5. Curated customer generated pinboard. This will give you great ideas to improve your product or service.
  6. Create pinboards for different product lines or services.
  7. The “Pin It” symbol should be prominent in your site and all pins should include a link back to your website.
  8. And of course pin and repin!

Do you have any more ideas on how to use Pinterest for B2B marketing?  We’d love to hear it.

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