2012 Reflections – Happy New Year from Magnolia

– By Phoebe Yong


As 2012 draws to a close, the natural thing to do is reflect on the year and of course, look at new beginnings, resolutions and hopes for 2013.

I’ve been away for the holidays – Clearwater, Florida, to be exact – and being away naturally gives one the time to wind down and take a step back; you know the drill.

One of the luxuries I’ve had while away is reading. I’ve read different magazines like Bon Appetit (New Year’s Eve menu planning) and Martha Stewart Living (love getting ideas on graphics, design and of course “good things”), various books from Harvard Business Review, and Killing Lincoln (good, easy read).


This past year, we were lucky enough to work on the 2012 World Kindness Concert to help provide awareness around the message that kindness matters. We’ve worked with the organization for the past two years and it’s probably one of our greatest and most fulfilling joys as an organization, and we have a ton of fun doing it.  Part of the concert’s mission is to promote random acts of kindness and to raise money for anti-bullying programs across BC schools. This isn’t grounding news.

But ironically, it took a tragedy beyond words at Sandy Hook Elementary School this year for a kindness video to go viral. Ann Curry challenged society to perform 26 acts of kindness and it went viral. Good for her! The World Kindness Concert has talked about this for years and if it takes a celebrity to bring act of kindness to be our everyday life, awesome! Join the movement.

Glance Ahead

Being a news hound, and in the U.S., I’m bombarded by “fiscal cliff” talks and of course, how the markets are reacting from the unknown.  I’m hopeful but realistic as well, that as deadline draws near, there will be no resolution and more uncertainty and nervousness will prevail to kick off 2013. As a business owner and entrepreneur, this lack of confidence isn’t sitting well.

While many of us can’t control the politics and chaos in Washington or Wall Street, we can control the change we can make personally and professionally.  I’ve dedicated to change up my daily routines – no more sitting at my desk for lunch; will update my playlist weekly; will review my top three priority list before I start my day – let’s see how these changes work out!


I wanted to take this time to wish everyone who follows our blog a most awesome new year ahead. I came across the saying “auspicious blessings” when I visited a Buddhist temple a few weeks ago and that term has resonated with me.  I wish we all realize our fortunate blessings and create the same for others.  It’s the most marvellous feeling to have the ability to turn one’s opportunities and cherish it to others.

Happy New Year.

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One thought on “2012 Reflections – Happy New Year from Magnolia

  1. Brock Tully says:

    Hi Phoebe & Team….great blog of yours!! THANKYOU sooooo much for your incredible support with the World Kindness Concert….YOU are helping make a huge difference!…and also with the yellow umbrella campaign….THAT was awesome!:-)
    …great about the elevator pitch….i need to become a better pitcher! ….and the hockey FANS (and in other sports) don’t realize ‘they’ are the real owners….they pay both the players and so-called owners, and yet the other two fight over the ‘real’ owners money, and the fans just go along with it….if the fans would solidate and strike they could lower ticket prices so it would be a win/win/win for everyone….the players & so-called owners would get paid a way less for playing a game and teachers and nurses, and care givers, etc. could and should get paid more!:-)
    big hugs,

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