2014 Upcoming Trends in B2B Marketing Communications


Blog posts written by Kristina Lee, Client Services Lead, Magnolia Communications    

2014 Upcoming Trends in B2B Marketing Communications
A set of 3 marcom projects to watch out for and consider executing in 2014

Recently, we’ve been talking to our clients about recapping 2013 projects, which naturally has them thinking about the road ahead for 2014. Among the list of initiatives we’re recommending they prioritize for next year are these three hot project ideas: 

1. I want to create engaging videos to help my company capture mindshareTell Your Story Through the Power of Video Everyone from B2B marketers to media production experts rally behind videos. They are a more vivid and engaging medium and a great way to illustrate, for example, product research, an infographic or company news, with easy to grasp visuals. Developing a video library, which you can then share by posting via the gamut of vid sharing sites out there (eg. YouTube, Vimeo, and newly trending *Vine), gives your brand /product/service free publicity.

ATTACK: MarCom Insider TIP – In general, if you’re not shamelessly promoting your product/company/service through video (this means you’re NOT creating a sales demo) keep your videos no longer than 2.5 minutes long. Think about it, if Jack Bauer can save the world from a terrorist attack in 24 hours, surely you can communicate the most important aspects of your value proposition in less than 90 seconds?

PAYOFF YOU ENJOY: Shorter videos can help save you time, stay on message, and stay memorable.

 2. At the tradeshows and seminars I attend, participants are always tweeting and sharing topics. How can I get in on the conversation? Harness Social Media Before, During and After the Event. Social media is a useful tool in event marketing because it allows you to engage with attendees and your network. All the more reason it shouldn’t be done ad hoc. For 2014, focus on a method for choosing the information you’d like to share and a method for delivering it with tradeshow participants. Often tradeshows and events have their own social media profiles and themes to generate more buzz both before they take place and during. With a timeline featuring pre-planned content, you can leverage the event’s network along with yours.

ATTACK: MarCom Insider TIP –  Create a weekly timeline where you have pre-scripted, succinct messages to promote your organization’s participation at the show, and also take some time to look at what other participants are saying about you in order to leverage their messages. Re-sharing, and giving credit where it is due will not only help to increase your company’s following on social media, but also help attendees make the connection to look out for your booth at the show and/or speaking session!
PAYOFF YOU ENJOY: Weekly engagement will help you identify the attendees and potentially give them greater incentive to visit your booth in person. This leads to increased booth traffic, new social connections, increased attendance at your seminars and more social mentions across the social media universe.

3. I have tons of connections on LinkedIn and I’d like to share my company news, so how best to keep my network in the loop?  Lay the Building Blocks for LinkedIn. We agree with Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers; LinkedIn is here to stay. In his recent article on The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014, he demonstrates why LinkedIn is positioned to be the most important social media tool for B2B. LinkedIn allows you to combine your most authentic professional self (your online resume, assuming that some of your connections can at least vouch for you) with user-generated content to share with people whom you’ve connected with in various stages of your career. #RuleofThrees

The rule of threes of LinkedIn for any newcomer: 1.Update your profile 2. Update your profile photo 3. Follow one company you are genuinely interested in.  

ATTACK: MarCom Insider TIP – It all starts with creating that kicka$$ LinkedIn profile for the most important person in your life (aside from your mom): YOU. Update your profile so that your resume is up to date and you’re not some anonymous head in the LinkedIn directory. Choose the right photo, and starting building out your resume. Then import your contacts from your email provider (Google, Hotmail, yahoo, others) and start connecting.

PAYOFF YOU ENJOY: You let everyone in your network of contacts and your address book know in a subtle way that you’re not only on LinkedIn, but that you have a meaningful profile that will hopefully make them check you out from time to time.

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