E-mail Marketing – Is it Overrated?

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By: Hanah Van Borek

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting a chunk of your resources into an e-mail campaign, only to have your message opened by no one, let alone get a sale out of it. If the work spent orchestrating your cleverly designed outreach is a failure, it has to make you wonder, what’s the point? Wouldn’t another channel like social media be more effective? Believe it or not, for all the hair pulling that it may induce for some, US firms spent $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011 and that number is expected to grow to $2.468 billion by 2016.

E-mail marketing today surpasses social media marketing as a means for grabbing new leads. According to a recent study, e-mail marketing accounts for 16% of customer acquisitions within online activity, versus the less than 5% that is accounted for by Facebook and Twitter.

These days e-mail may be considered by some as old fashioned against the wave of other more sophisticated modes of communication we have available, but the fact is e-mail is still the number one activity that adults engage in and its made ever more popular with the onset of smart phones and tablets.

Over the last 10 years e-mail marketing has exploded, turning companies like Constant Contact and Mailchimp into household names for businesses. These startups pioneered tools for anyone to send out, en mass, professional, eye catching correspondence.

When used correctly, e-mail marketing makes for a powerful impact. Here are just some of its advantages:

  • Efficiency: Less time consuming requiring less upkeep in comparison with social media
  • Targeted: The sender knows exactly who they’re contacting and can modify the message according to recipient
  • Direct: From point A to point B, the message is transmitted
  • Quality Leads: Provides a clearer picture of prospects since recipients have the ability to opt-out
  • Tracking: Easy to follow results with reports featuring open, click and bounce rates as well as demographics for each

Stay tuned for our advice next week on how to ensure your e-mail campaign hits it out of the park!

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