Power Your Marketing Strategy with Email


By Guy Steeves, Regional Development Director, Constant Contact

Remember when everyone had a landline? Well that world has certainly changed—now more and more people are forfeiting their home telephones entirely, to use just their mobile phones. The same goes for social media. First it was MySpace, then came Facebook and Twitter, and now Pinterest and Instagram have joined the mix. It seems like people are constantly shifting their preferred method of communication, and technology is consistently providing them knew methods to do so. That poses a tricky problem for marketers. How can you reach all of your customers and prospects, if they all are in different places and have unique preferences for receiving communications? Isn’t there one place you can still reach everyone? The answer is so simple, it seems obvious: Email.

Still need further convincing? Take these points into consideration:

  • Email is everywhere: Email is the thing most everyone is already using and is easy to use for even the less tech-savvy. And it continues to grow in adoption—according to the Radicati Group, the total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from 3.3 billion accounts last year to over 4.3 billion accounts by 2016.
  • Email is one-to-one. Social media is about one-to-many communications. And while this type of communication has proven its power and reach, its impact in relation to conversions can be diluted when compared to the potency of a one-to-one communication. With email you control exactly who sees your message.
  • Email is the core of a successful marketing strategy. At the heart of every successful marketing program is a solid email marketing strategy. Think of email marketing as the driver of your marketing strategy and social media and mobile as further amplifiers of your message. They complement one another. And when they work together, their impact is potent.
  • Email inspires action. The goal of email marketing is to inspire your reader to action—whether that action is to buy  a product, register for an event, or sign up for a service. The key to driving this action is delivering a relevant message, to the appropriate person, at the right time. Email provides you with the customization and personalization to do this incredibly effectively.

Email is clearly a powerful marketing medium—but only effective when done correctly. Use these tips as guidelines to create engaging, successful email campaigns:

  • Engagement starts with getting your email opened.  Subject lines are the make or break part of any email. They are the difference between getting your email opened, ignored, or deleted. Treat a subject line like a headline by enticing the recipient to open and read the message.
  • Be sure to include a clear call to action. The real test of the quality of your message is whether your primary call to action gets your audience’s attention.  Every email should have a clear main call to action—whether it’s to register for an event, use a coupon, or like your Facebook Page. Position the call to action at the top of the email, above the “fold”, to increase visibility and maximize conversion.

So if you think email is going to go the way of the landline, think again. Why? Because personal one-to-one communication with your customers that’s targeted and inspires conversions is hard to beat.

For tips on getting started with email marketing, as well as other free educational resources for online marketing, check out Constant Contact’s blog at http://blogs.constantcontact.com/, or find a local seminar to attend near you at http://www.constantcontact.com/local-learning/seminars.

Please feel free to contact Guy Steeves gsteeves@constantcontact.com

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