E-mail Marketing Providers: Among the sea of solutions, which to choose?


By: Cecilia Chun

With the enormous range of email marketing service providers out there today, deciding which one is the best fit for your business needs is a daunting task. Where to start? The right service for you will depend on its features, which at the basic level includes HTML formatting, the ability to upload multiple contact lists, view and remove unsubscribed contacts, and track delivered/undelivered e-mails. Other top features we recommend seeking:

  • Grouping and subgrouping of contact lists
  • Auto-Response creation
  • Email job scheduling
  • Downloadable and exportable reports tracking opened, forwarded, bounced and “clicks”
  • Custom demographic fields
  • Social media integration

Here’s a breakdown of the types of benefits you’ll find from three leading companies:

  1. Constant Contact – Constant Contact offers regular email marketing alongside several other services that are intended to help grow your business. One major benefit of Constant Contact is their fantastic coaching and support. Unique to their software is the ability to sync apps and integrations across your current business tools portfolio. Their service also offers advanced design tools, including XHTML.
  2. Mailchimp – Mailchimp is great for those new to email marketing. The service offers overall great deliverability and email setup is basic with pre-designed templates as well as a drag and drop editor. Mailchimp also provides social media integration with an impressive analytics report system that covers everything from tweet trends to revenue charts.
  3. iContact – iContact’s interface is simple to navigate, making every function straight forward and intuitive. The company is regarded for its custom surveys feature, which allows users to engage with recipients more actively. In addition, iContact you to filter lists via demographics established by you.

Regardless of specific needs, a provider’s platform should be simple to use, have plenty of template options, and accommodate all of your subscribers without breaking the bank.

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