E-mail Marketing: Improve that Click-Through Rate


By: Kelly  Choi

This month all boils down to this: e-mail marketing works – when done effectively

An important measure of email marketing success is the click-through rate, the number or percentage of users that click on the specific links within an e-mailer. The higher the click-through rate, the more engagement from recipients. Of course an e-mailer that earns a lot of clicks doesn’t do so by chance. There are certain ways to ensure a better click-through rate, and here are a few:

Segment Your Mailing List

  • Segmenting your subscribers by factors such as buying behavior, demographic, response history, etc., ensures that you are targeting the right people at the right time, preventing you from sending out irrelevant offers and decreasing the likelihood of unsubscribes.
  • According to MailChimp, segmenting your mailing list results in a 14.4% better than average open rate and a nearly 15% better than average click-through rate

Increase your Open Rates

Click-through rates correspond directly with open rates according to Statwing, so the higher the open rate…well, you do the math.


To increase your open rate:

  • Keep your subject line short. Data from MailerMailer’s Email Marketing Metrics Report found that the fewer number of characters in the subject line of an e-mail, the higher the open rate. A shorter subject line also allows mobile users to view the content more easily.
  • Try to avoid sounding like a salesperson. Phrases like “Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!!!!” or “SALE – BUY NOW!”, will more than likely pick up as spam and end up in junk mail folders. Effective subject lines often contain the company’s name and should be straight-forward while personalized.

Create a Compelling and Mobile-Friendly Design

Once the subscriber opens the email, what happens next?  Make sure that subscribers are taking the next step by clicking on the available links.

  • Include one or two “Calls to Action”. Any more than that and they become too overwhelming. Your “Calls to Action” should be simple and straightforward. For example, “Click Here to Subscribe to our Newsletter”, or “Visit our Website”.
  • Keep links and “Calls to Action” more text-based rather than image-based. Not all images will load properly and most people are expecting to see links as text so following this rule will help your recipients find your links much more easily.
  • Incorporate social media sharing buttons. Emails that include social sharing buttons are proven to result in an average click-through rate 158% higher than emails without.
  • With the increasingly high volume of mobile users, creating an e-mailer that is mobile-optimized is a sure way to increase your clicks. Incorporating simple details such as, once again, a short and sweet subject line as well as a nice variety of both font sizes and styles are a few ways to make your e-mail mobile-friendly.

Don’t Forget: Monitor Your Results

Regularly monitoring and analyzing your reporting data for each e-mailer will not only keep you on top of your open rates and click rates but also shed light on more specific and valuable information such as which features provided the best results, which types of audiences are most responsive, and also when those audiences are most responsive. All of this data is meant to help you strategize more effectively and improve your click-through rate with every campaign.

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