Integrated Marketing — It’s about pulling all the pieces together


By: Phoebe Yong

I recently read a blog post that explained in what ways a business manager plays a similar role to an orchestra conductor. The style in which he or she chooses to work with a group of professionals can transform the complexity of what they do into harmony and organization. To achieve this, integration, which pieces together different strengths, is to me the best strategy.

As a big fan of the prestigious Boston Pop Orchestra, I cease to be amazed by the conductor’s skill in pulling each section together into a perfect collaboration of tones and melodies. In business communications and marketing, the same approach applies. It makes logical sense that a comprehensive marketing program maximizes ROI by positioning each part of a strategy to support and enhance one other.

Especially when budgets are tight, resources stretched, it just makes good business sense to ensure all cylinders are loaded and shooting the same direction.

Many companies hesitate to employ this strategy for a few reasons, first of all because they believe they have no time to do it right, and secondly, because they fail to see the potential. Integration involves strategic planning that may at first seem complicated. Take for example, a company that wants to announce their recent award for best product. Shouting it to the world is the general idea, but what’s the actual plan that utilizes the best of all tools available? At a minimum, most companies write a press release, send it out on the wire, put that on their website, and there it sits. Meanwhile they’re overlooking the chance to magnify their announcement through complimentary marketing tactics.


It might seem like you’re too busy to do things right, but if your communications initiative is done to only a minimum, the person that loses out is you. What a missed opportunity!

Referring back to the award announcement example, consider the company that fails to utilize other methods for delivering their news. They’re not getting the word out to those that matter, their key stakeholders that participate in other communities, for example, online (youtube, podcasts, social media), through e-mail, or through traditional media, and may not proactively look for a press release or check out the company’s website on a regular basis.

When you have a fully loaded and integrated program, your marketing return is far more substantial. Messaging becomes aligned on all fronts and works in concert.

Then the stage is set. Envision yourself as the masterful conductor. Raise that baton! With all pieces well-coordinated and in play, it sounds like music to your ears, no?!

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