The Ultimate Event Checklist

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By: Hanah Van Borek

Here come the holidays, a time for celebration and a busy season for events! That’s why this week we thought we’d offer some of our best event planning tips to readers.

Event coordination can be a whole lot of fun, making you appear like a superstar in the end, or a giant nightmare, leaving you hanging by a thread. Regardless of the process leading up, it all depends on how things turn out on the day.

Certainly events are always hard work. Countless hours must go in to planning. Booking and re-booking the catering, venue, entertainment.  Shuffling and re-shuffling dates, speaking schedules, seating arrangements. Tracking the fluctuating number of attendees: confirm, declined, maybe, probably. While it’s nearly impossible to guarantee every detail will go perfectly as prepared (there’s usually a sneaky surprise), as every savvy event planner knows, a thorough check list is your best friend.

Here’s a peek at our Ultimate Event Checklist, our must-do’s that may be your best bet at preventing a disaster this season. Feel free to borrow these for your own upcoming affair.

  1. Leave breathing room in the budget: Extra expenses turn up where you least expect.
  2. Consider the weather: What happens if there’s a sudden downpour?
  3. Name your top 5 “show stoppers”: Think about potential disasters and how you will prevent them.
  4. Have a contact sheet handy: Ensure all available vendors have your direct number and you have theirs.
  5. Carry back-up copies: You’ll need both hard and soft copies of your presentation and extra printed materials.
  6. Bring an event kit: Create a box full of essentials like tape, scissors, markers, USB cords, stain remover, whatever you might need.
  7. Do a walk through: Go through the itinerary in real-time.
  8. Site inspection: See the space in person to make sure there are no issues.
  9. Draft more than one site plan: It’s best to have a few options for setup.
  10. Consider all necessary permits or licensing: Depending on the venue, you may need special permissions for example, with setting up tents or serving alcohol.
  11. Confirm power outlets for audio/visual equipment: This is especially tricky if your space is outdoors.
  12. Plan your follow up: After the event is over, reach out to guests to keep them engaged and get their valued feedback.
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