The Feature Story Of Your Dreams


By Hanah Van Borek

Your business is on the cusp of something big…you’re about to take the world by storm! The world just doesn’t know it yet. Yet you’re sure that you’ll be appearing any day now on the front cover of the New York Times. So where are all the reporters knocking on your door?

Well you could be ALL that and a bag of chips, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the media convinced. If you really want that feature story, you may want to give these points some thought.

It takes time to build familiarity.
Don’t wait for an announcement to begin your outreach. Take the time to introduce yourself, build a relationship and offer your expertise.

No means not right now.
As long as you’re contacting the right reporter, continue sending your updates. Even if the reporter won’t cover your news this time, that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.

Don’t be selfish.
Have you considered sharing the limelight with a client or partner? Offering other sources is a great way to have your business covered and it helps legitimize your story.

Pick up a pen.
With fewer and fewer resources and staff, newspapers are focused on the web and they need content! Consider pitching your own writing. Thought leadership around business management and career advice may be an ideal place to start, a good example is The Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab .

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