Messaging: Answer the “So What?” Question

What messaging all comes down to truly is the “So What?”factor.


By: Phoebe Yong

It’s easy to get caught up with your service or product feeds and speeds when creating your key messages and sound bites. Companies get too personal about their value, creating a bubble of self-adoration, but they need to step outside of it and answer the hard questions – get to the facts.  Why do you matter to your customers, to the industry, and more importantly, what greater problem can you solve?

When consulting with clients on crafting their message, we tend to break it down into a few key sound bites that point to differentiation, significance to specific industries, and then meaning for customers. I keep reminding clients and their sales teams that reporters aren’t hired to write advertorials, that’s left to the ad department. The editorial piece must be unbiased and relevant to the outlet’s readership, and if you can’t spell out what the “So What?” factor is for them, why should the reporter try to figure it out?

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