5 Key Ingredients of a Great Press Release


By Hanah Van Borek

First the headline. Make it irresistible.
The subhead too.

Then start with your key messages, those 5 famous W’s and their sidekick the H – Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. These hold everything together and can stand on their own. The reporter shouldn’t have to scroll any further.

However, if they do, they will learn more from the Supporting Points which should help tell the story by providing further background, without veering on another subject altogether.

Next bring in the facts,
plain and simple.
Present them objectively and
Provide Stats if possible, but don’t overdo it.

Finally, including Quotes is necessary for context and credibility. “A great quote doesn’t simply reiterate the point,” said Magnolia’s PR Expert. “It should add further insight and demonstrate the ‘big picture’ value such as industry relevance.”

Keep in mind: while you’re not writing something to be reprinted, everything you offer in the release should be easily transformed into a story.

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