Know No Limits – Magnolia’s Social Media Summer Campaign – Join us!


By Phoebe Yong

This past week, I’ve watched several commencement speeches in the media delivered by smart, highly successful individuals, and safe to say, over achievers.   As I watched and listened to their inspirational wishes for these young graduates, as an entrepreneurial woman, I couldn’t help but also think about the young graduating students at the  high school and elementary school level — in particular the young women and girls who even at that young age have so much to consider before entering adulthood.

This is why I’ve decided to dedicate part of our social media campaign this summer on a project I’ve called “Know No Limits”. Sounds a bit like a Nike slogan doesn’t it, but truthfully, I came up with this idea while enroute back from a business trip.

My daughter is graduating from Grade 7 this year, marking a milestone in her young educational pursuit and I often hear her talk about different professions she would like to strive for. The usual professions that are often targeted for women in health care and education are mentioned. Then I thought about how cool it would be to initiate a campaign where women in all sorts of careers, maybe not quite as traditional, encourage young women and girls engaged in the idea of knowing no limits to their success in whatever they want to do.

Using social media the goal of our team will be to spread the message this summer that young women today can achieve anything they set their mind to it, and here are the many examples of great women in all sectors and professions to tell you how they did it and the obstacles they overcame.

Lastly, I want young women to know if they choose to do something they love as a career, then each day isn’t a chore or drag but a true reflection on their purpose in life to live out their passions and contribute to being an awesome human being in our society.

So please help me this summer by passing the word of “Know No Limits” for young women out there and in the coming weeks, I hope you will enjoy the interviews, short articles, and blogs on how women are living their full potential because they dared to Know no Limits.

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One thought on “Know No Limits – Magnolia’s Social Media Summer Campaign – Join us!

  1. What an inspiring and meaningful campaign theme, Phoebe and the Magnolia team! May we all be inspired or re-inspired to follow our dreams.

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