Making A First Impression


By: Hanah Van Borek

You never get a second chance to make…

A good first impression.

Talk about pressure! The permanency of that first glance, first handshake, first moment, is nerve inducing in itself, never mind all the work of giving the perfect answers and demonstrating your amazing qualifications.

Such a defining moment shouldn’t be left up to chance and while we don’t always have control over circumstances, you can better your odds of success.

To start with, hopefully you don’t need reminding to have these basics checked off on your list, i.e. dress appropriately, no unkempt hair, no chewing gum, good posture, maintain eye contact, firm handshake.

Yes we’re in the 21st century and modern professionalism tends to allow some casualness, but this is a job interview and if you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will. So no yoga pants, I don’t care if they’re black!

With the more superficial considerations out of the way, let’s go a bit a deeper and look at tricks to set the mind frame.

Fake it till you make it – An adage helpful for those with extra nerves. Great to think of if you’re applying for a position that might require more experience than you have. If the confidence isn’t coming naturally, just imagine you do have all the right stuff, how would you feel then? This doesn’t mean be disingenuous and put on heirs. It simply means be the person for the job and let that emanate through your body language and your answers.

Be in the moment – Being asked the tough questions, you’ll be thinking on your feet and normally a little more awake than usual. But if you’re already thinking of your answer before the interviewer’s done asking you’re not giving them your full attention. Breathe and maintain full awareness. This will help you avoid losing eye contact and fidgeting which is highly distracting and connotes anxiety.

Be prepared – We give this advice in media training to professionals of all levels. Often nerves are simply a product of not knowing what to say. If you have practiced your responses by anticipating potential questions, and taken the time to review the job description, you’re going to take your stress levels down at least a notch or two and it will already be apparent when you walk through the door. Don’t wing it! This is your career.

Keep your eye on the goal – which is… to show them you’re the one to hire! That means no veering off into your personal life or what you did on vacation. While some small talk is necessary to break the ice, each time they turn it over to you to speak is an opportunity to prove why your skills fit the bill. This is useful again for any gaps in experience you might have. By driving the conversation towards the goal, you can highlight the relevant background you do have.

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