You only get one first impression – Make it count

first%20impressionBy: Phoebe Yong

Continuing our theme of making that first impression, I’ve across many resumes in my career. From entry level to mid-level management – all with one purpose – get a job.

I see resumes as an opportunity to tell a story. But this story is about you, the job candidate. Stories about your purpose, ambitions, skills, experience and interests. When you write that story about you to land that job, it needs to stand out and captivate your reader.

Here are some key considerations in writing your resume that makes a great first impression:

  1. Clean, professional looking – ensure your resume reads well which means the layout is well organized, easy to identify headings and subheadings, and consistent use of fonts. Taking pride in how you present your resume speaks directly about you and what type of employee you would be.
  1. Be purposeful – most resumes should not exceed over two pages. With limited space, ensure each section and the words you put in those sections are meaningful and has relevance. Customize your resume to the position, and take the time to ensure what you list as experience, objectives and interests are applicable and significant to your potential employer.
  1. wow%20factorThat “wow” factor – when you read a job posting, there tends to be a strong theme on what the candidate needs to have – whether it’s creativity for a web designer, technical acumen for a technical writer, social media savviness – ensure you highlight a skillset or achievement that matches this desired trait to leave a strong lasting impression.

It’s the strong lasting impression that will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and help you land the job that you want.

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