Mind The Gap: The Generations in Today’s Increasingly Digital Workplace

By: Kristina Lee

When you think Gen Y and Digital, they seem to be joined at the hip. In our increasingly hyperfied-Googlefied-pursuit-of-instant-gratification culture, Gen Y has grown up in an age where it’s all things digital. At this year’s Beyond Pink Vancouver conference, a panelist of Baby Boomers and Millenials got together to discuss what kind of impact Gen Y is having on the workplace today and what each generation can learn from one another.

Here are some key quotes and themes that resonated in the room and got a lot of heads nodding:

Embracing the power of being succinct – “I translate real life into 140 characters and my 19 year old mentee thinks in 140 characters.

What matters to millennials is a work, life balance that helps nurture their passions beyond their professional boundaries – “Having flexibility around time..take vacation when you want…as long as the work is done.

As young women in the workplace, we break barriers every day and need to continue showing each other support – “As we women climb the corporate ladder, don’t forget to cheer each other on.

You can view a short video here for a flavor of the discussion & tell us what you think!

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