The Interview – It’s not about you, it’s about what you offer the employer

By Phoebe Yong, Principal, Magnolia

We’ve all heard the interview “advice” on how to prepare, how to land the job, how to impress….

At Magnolia, I interview candidates for available positions at the company, but when Magnolia goes after a new client, I see our first meeting as an interview too, only then we’re in the hot seat. When we pitch a company it’s very similar to pitching ourselves individually for a job. The same rules apply and the stakes are just as high.

There is the competition to consider.

How do you stand out? In the agency world, I often refer to it as a “beauty pageant” where several agencies come through the door to show and tell and at the end, a “winner” is crowned.

No different than a job interview this way.

Preparation shows you want the job.

During the interview it’s a given that you will be asked about your experience, attributes, and skillset to do the job. If you don’t have at least some of these, it isn’t the opportunity for you. But if you’ve researched well about the company, their offerings, what you think may be missing, their customer service, what differentiates them in the industry – this shows that you’ve made the conscious effort to learn about them and shows your keenness to contribute to their success. Come prepared with questions, commentary and insights to their business and be bold in asking thoughtful questions.

It’s not about you.

Certainly, the main reason for the interview is for your potential employer to find out more about you. Remember that at the end, the main goal is to find out if you’re the right fit and whether you have the right skillset to have a positive impact on the company and your team members. As such, the more you know about the company, the leaders or decision makers, the more you can be prepared to ask the right questions and have an engaging, insightful conversation to separate you from the pack.


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