#AskMagnolia: Goal Setting 101

By: Michelle Chang

In case you needed a reminder, here it is: There are less than 2 weeks left in the year. You can almost hear ‘The Final Countdown’ playing in the background as you read this blog post.

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This week, I asked Team Magnolia what are some goals they hope to achieve by the end of the year. Meet some of the team and read what they had to say about goal setting.

Kelly Choi, Marketing Communications Coordinator @ Magnolia Marketing Communications

Is there anything you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2014?

By the end of 2014, I want to finish updating my LinkedIn profile, create a list of goals for 2015, and spend more quality time with my family.

How have you been working towards realizing these goals?

Every week I schedule a specific time when I will update my LinkedIn Profile, and on a daily basis I’ll think about and write down goals I want to achieve in 2015. As for spending more time with my family, I’ve been exercising my authority to say ‘No, thank you’ to plans I do not need to attend. It’s all about making the conscious effort and taking the appropriate steps to achieve your goals.

What are some tips you use when setting and achieving goals?

  1. Time management is important. Set aside a few hours a week or a few minutes a day to work on your goals. Devote time with no distractions, i.e., Stop checking your Facebook, put your phone on airplane mode, etc.
  2. Be realist and specific!

Genifer Rigor, PR Assistant @ Magnolia Marketing Communications 

Please share one goal you’ve been working on this month.

I’ve been striving to manage my time better so that I can optimize each day

What are some strategies you use when you’re trying to accomplish a goal?

I always put my goals down on paper by making a list, a timeline, and simply breaking it down into actionable steps I can do each day. At work, before I leave the office I list down the things I need to get done the following day by priority. At home, I do the same thing before I go to bed. This gives me a clear outlook on my goals and ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

How are you doing so far with this goal?

I’ve definitely been much more organized lately and have been able to manage my time better, which leads to being more productive. Even though I know I can still strive to be more efficient, there’s still a great sense of accomplishment when I cross off even the small items on my list.

What is some advice you can give to those setting resolutions for 2015?

With any goal, it’s important to dream big, but to also be realistic. Being realistic will help when unexpected factors come up. Much like working at a PR agency, it isn’t entirely rare for a priority to appear that was not expected. This is where being adaptable and open to change comes in – and perhaps that’s the greater goal to achieve at the end of the day!

Image Source: TheMotivatedType

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