#FinishLine2014: Top 5 Marketing Events of 2014

In spirit of the year coming to a close, we reflect back on 2014’s most memorable events. After much deliberation and debate, we’ve compiled a Top 5 Marketing Events of 2014 list. May we learn from them and realize the power of marketing and media.

#5: P&G’s Always #LikeAGirl Campaign

With over 50 million views on Youtube, this video redefines the meaning of doing things “like a girl”

#4: The Fall of Jian Ghmoeshi


Where to even begin…To read about it: Click here

#3: Kim Kardashian’s ‘Break the Internet’ attempt (NSFW)

marketing event 3

Need we say more.

#2: Ebola Coverage


Informing or overhyping? And #FunFact, ‘ebola‘ was the third most searched term on Google.com, and fifth on Google.ca. Read more: Click here

#1: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Raising over $16 Million in Canada, and $100 Million in the US, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a major success in both raising funds and awareness.

Image Sources: CBC, TimesBerkeley Beacon

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