How to Choose Your B2B Social Media Campaign Platform

social-media-imagePlanning a B2B social campaign to boost brand awareness, gain followers or increase lead generation? It can be tempting to just choose the most popular social media platforms and give it a go but don’t do it! If you’re lucky, you’ll reach thousands of people with your posts on Facebook and your contests on Twitter, but it’ll mean nothing if they aren’t the people you want to target.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, it’s vital to the success of your campaign that you think carefully about the people you want to reach and where to find them. Narrow it down as far as possible by looking at ages, education, industries, job titles, geography and even gender before moving forward. The more specific you are with your audience, the better targeted your content and social ads will be. Here’s a rundown of three of the most popular social media platforms and how to use them to get you started:

Linkedin LogoLinkedIn is the B2B social hub of the internet. If you want to connect with companies, professionals or business owners, this is the platform for you. With 364 million people using it in 2015, it certainly won’t be too difficult to find people to target but remember to consider timing and the content users on this platform like to see. LinkedIn loves thought leadership, offers, advice and visuals like videos, photos and infographics. This makes it perfect for B2B marketing as the users love the content B2B companies normally produce. Just remember to post at the right times to increase the chance your content gets seen. The peak hours are between Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning, at noon and in the early evening as these are the times professionals have a chance to check their profiles.

Twitter LogoTwitter is the social platform for the fast-paced. Twitter boasts on average 58 million tweets a day so if you want to be noticed you need to post fast and you need to post often. For real engagement and follower growth, posting on Twitter between 10 to 15 times a day is necessary. Daunted? Don’t be! The refresh rate is so high on Twitter you can repurpose content like blog posts, infographics and offers numerous times before they get stale. If you want to be strategic (and it’s always best to be) post from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 3pm for peak post performance. For maximum interest, use lots of bright, friendly images, relevant industry hashtags in your posts and target specific influencers with retweets, comments and favorites to get them and their followers engaged.

Facebook LogoFacebook is a tricky beast, as many don’t follow pages unless they’re invested in their content. Much like LinkedIn, Facebook users enjoy thought leadership, advice and visuals in particular but overly promotional content rarely does well. Posts need to have value for these users in order for them to engage so make sure you include lots of high quality photos, videos and useful information in your campaign. Peak times for engagement on this platform are between 1-4pm.

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