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What would… The Perfect Work Outfit Look Like?

What Would...

Thinking about what to wear to work five days a week can feel like a job itself. Here are my top 5 perfect looks and outfit ideas without all the fuss.

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1) The CLASSIC – regardless of your job, the easiest outfit to pull off any day of the week is The Classic (trousers or a pencil skirt, a crisp button-up shirt and a pair of pointed toe stilettos). ONE TIP: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Of course – in moderation! But give your go-to classic outfit a break by opting for a statement necklace or a fun scarf.

2) The EDGY – this style is appropriate for those who work in the creative field whether you’re in Advertising or PR, among other industries. With a less strict office attire guideline, you can add your own flare and style into any of your outfits (red lips, leather skirt or trousers, boots). ONE TIP: remember you’re still going to work, so mix and match statement and simple.

3) The GLAMOUR – bring out your inner blogger or fashion editor by coming in to work with your sky-high heels, silky blouses, massive bags, pencil skirts, and rich fabrics. This style is a few notches up the fashion scale from the Classic – but comes down to the fabrics. This look will easily take you from 9 am to dinner cocktails with colleagues or clients any day of the week! ONE TIP: own this style and demand your presence.

4) The CASUAL – or in some cases, casual Fridays. Depending on your work environment, wearing jeans to work can be acceptable if done correctly and in a professional manner. ONE TIP: always wear polished heels or boots with your jeans, add a blazer on top of your blouse or structured top, and you’re ready to go.

5) The STREET STYLE – looking carelessly chic is an art form on its own. This style will give you an effortless look but shows that you’re up to date with trends. Mix feminine and masculine silhouettes and play with different shapes and patterns. ONE TIP: Wear heels with this look – as trendy as culottes or wide leg trousers are, you don’t want to walk in to work looking like you’re drowning in your own outfit.

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